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Metropolis is the only fully integrated parking management & technology company. Together, we power next-generation parking facilities.

No more dislocated operations, hidden fees, or lost revenue. Maximize the value of your parking asset with Metropolis.

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The Metropolis platform provides a stack of solutions for our real estate partners that drive net operating income and exceptional tenant experiences, all bundled under one straightforward pricing model:

Optimized Facility Management

Metropolis owns parking operations and the technology platform. This integration delivers a remarkable experience to tenants, visitors, ownership, and property management alike.

Engineered to Boost Revenue

Metropolis upends the traditionally transactional operator + real estate owner relationship. We’ve simplified the parking operating statement and drive net operating income with unique services like automated enforcement and dedicated growth teams.

Advanced Analytics

Available to all Metropolis real estate partners, Metropolis makes data-driven operations decisions based on actual garage utilization and demand.

Proven Performance

The fastest-growing full stack operator in the United States, Metropolis operates nearly 700 locations in 60+ communities for our real estate partners nationwide.


“We chose to partner with Metropolis at 11611 San Vicente because we were determined to provide a differentiated parking experience for the office tenants. The tower’s owner was already investing in a new buildout to convert the office into a Class A property, and parking was not an afterthought. Getting a chance to understand the value of the Metropolis product was incredibly insightful and got us excited about providing such an innovative solution to other office tenants. Seeing the success of Metropolis’ launch at 11611 has only made us more eager to expand our footprint together.”
Eric Roseman,
VP Technology & Innovation, LPC
“DivcoWest partners with world-class companies throughout its portfolio and is focused on providing them with innovative end-to-end real estate technologies and solutions. Metropolis’ powerful parking platform provides tenants with a tech-forward and seamless experience, and DivcoWest is proud to be investors in, and partners with, the company.”
Breton Birkhofer,
Director, Venture Investments
“Before installing Metropolis, a big issue we were continuously running into was aging equipment – gates constantly breaking and causing back-ups in the garage. Now, the flow in and out of the garage has improved tremendously thanks to the gateless solution offered by Metropolis... The Metropolis solution provides a great selling point for our current tenants and a great incentive for prospective tenants.”
Russ Davis,
VP of Real Estate Services

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